My teaching follows my research philosophy of enabling the students to challenge existing knowledge and learn via challenging it, combined with hands-on experience. I believe that students retain most of the class material if combined with appropriate hands-on experience and impact of what they can achieve by learning this class. Adding all these components to class requires an extensive effort, and more so during COVID, to enable students to have remote access seamless and not be overburdened due to hardware aspects.

Besides content, I have found my passion and energy for the class material and connecting with applied aspects of the class inspires students to achieve endeavors and pursue higher studies, internship, and exploring the topic further on their own extensively. Furthermore, I conduct comprehensive exams (up to 24-hour exams to not put them under time pressure and give them a chance to be represent what they learned) to test both theory and applied knowledge; the goal is to verify if students have an intuition for the class. Such teaching philosophy has resulted in confidence in the students when they start their position in the industry; sometimes, I have received queries years after requesting access to the class material to prepare for interviews from my former students.

University of California San Diego

  • ECE 157B – Wireless Sensing Laboratory (Spring’19 and 20)
  • ECE 257B – Principles of Wireless Communication – (Spring’18, Winter’19, 20 and 21)
  • ECE 101 – Linear Systems Fundamental – (Spring’21)
    • Canvas
  • ECE 157A – Wireless Communications Laboratory – (Winter’21)
    • Piazza


  • 6.888: Wireless Communication Systems
    • Class on full-duplex radios


  • EE107: Embedded Networked Systems (Spring 2015)