Evaluating Physical-Layer BLE Location Tracking Attacks on Mobile Devices

H Givehchian, N Bhaskar, ER Herrera, HRL Soto, C Dameff, D Bharadia, A Schulman
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2022 -- Acceptance rate 14.7% (36 papers accepted out of 244 submitted) my group

ZLeaks: Passive Inference Attacks on Zigbee based Smart Homes

N Shafqat, DJ Dubois, D Choffnes, A Schulman, D Bharadia, A Raghunathan,

ULoc: Low-Power, Scalable and cm-Accurate UWB-Tag Localization and Tracking for Indoor Applications

M Zhao, T Chang, A Arun, R Ayyalasomayajula, C Zhang, D Bharadia,
ACM UbiComp 2021 (Acceptance rate of close to 15%)

SSLIDE: Sound Source Localization for Indoors Based on Deep Learning

Y Wu, R Ayyalasomayajula, MJ Bianco, D Bharadia, P Gerstoft,
ICASSP 2021-- IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing

WiForce: Wireless Sensing and Localization of Contact Forces on a Space Continuum.

A Gupta, C Girerd, M Dunna, Q Zhang, R Subbaraman, T Morimoto, D Bharadia,
NSDI 2021 (Acceptance rate 15% -- 40 papers accepted out of 255 submitted)

SyncScatter: Enabling WiFi like synchronization and range for WiFi backscatter Communication.

M Dunna, M Meng, PH Wang, C Zhang, PP Mercier, D Bharadia,
NSDI 2021 (Acceptance rate 15% -- 40 papers accepted out of 255 submitted)

Two beams are better than one: towards reliable and high throughput mmWave links

IK Jain, R Subbaraman, D Bharadia,

Towards a wireless force sensor based on wave backscattering for medical applications

C Girerd, Q Zhang, A Gupta, M Dunna, D Bharadia, TK Morimoto
IEEE Sensors Journal

Sampling Training Data for Continual Learning Between Robots and the Cloud

S Chinchali, E Pergament, M Nakanoya, E Cidon, E Zhang, D Bharadia, M Pavone, S Katti,
ISER 2020 -- Experimental Robotics

Pointillism: accurate 3D bounding box estimation with multi-radars

K Bansal, K Rungta, S Zhu, D Bharadia
Sensys 2020 -- Acceptance rate 20% (43 papers accepted out of 213 submitted)

2 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=3637153603386786697

HarvestNet: Mining Valuable Training Data from High-Volume Robot Sensory Streams

S Chinchali, E Pergament, M Nakanoya, E Cidon, E Zhang, D Bharadia, M Pavone, S Katti,
ISER 2020

DroneScale: drone load estimation via remote passive RF sensing

Phuc Nguyen, Vimal Kakaraparthi, Nam Bui, Nikshep Umamahesh, Nhat Pham, Hoang Truong, Yeswanth Guddeti, Dinesh Bharadia, Richard Han, Eric Frew, Daniel Massey, Tam Vu,
Sensys 2020 -- Acceptance rate 20% (43 papers accepted out of 213 submitted

1 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=12285452767937590149

ScatterMIMO: Enabling virtual MIMO with smart surfaces

M Dunna, C Zhang, D Sievenpiper, D Bharadia
ACM Mobicom 2020 -- Acceptance rate 16% (62 papers accepted out of 384 submitted)

27 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=9406824394284923402

Deep learning based wireless localization for indoor navigation

R Ayyalasomayajula, A Arun, C Wu, S Sharma, AR Sethi, D Vasisht, D Bharadia,
ACM Mobicom 2020 -- Acceptance rate 16% (62 papers accepted out of 384 submitted)

25 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=34378211762698709

A low-power backscatter modulation system communicating across tens of meters with standards-compliant wi-fi transceivers

PHP Wang, C Zhang, H Yang, M Dunna, D Bharadia, PP Mercier,
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (ISSCC 2020)

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\(S^3\) Net: Semantic-Aware Self-supervised Depth Estimation with Monocular Videos and Synthetic Data

B Cheng, IS Saggu, R Shah, G Bansal, D Bharadia,
European Conference on Computer Vision (acceptance rate 26%)

6 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=2729708241956805516

LocAP: Autonomous Millimeter Accurate Mapping of WiFi Infrastructure

Roshan Ayyalasomayajula, Aditya Arun, Chenfeng Wu, Shrivatsan Rajagopalan, Ish Jain, Dinesh Bharadia,
NSDI 2020 -- Acceptance rate 17.5% (48 papers accepted out of 275 submitted)

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Sparsdr: Sparsity-proportional backhaul and compute for sdrs

M Khazraee, Y Guddeti, S Crow, AC Snoeren, K Levchenko, D Bharadia, A Schulman,
ACM Mobisys 2019 -- Acceptance rate 22 (39 papers accepted out of 172 submitted)

5 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=17100681048462830739

Signet: Semantic instance aided unsupervised 3d geometry perception

Y Meng, Y Lu, A Raj, S Sunarjo, R Guo, T Javidi, G Bansal, D Bharadia,

26 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=9357944003335228407

Capttery: Scalable battery-like room-level wireless power

C Zhang, S Kumar, D Bharadia,
ACM Mobisys 2019 -- Acceptance rate 22 (39 papers accepted out of 172 submitted)

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Sweepsense: Sensing 5 ghz in 5 milliseconds with low-cost radios

Y Guddeti, R Subbaraman, M Khazraee, A Schulman, D Bharadia,
NSDI 2020 -- Acceptance rate 12.5% (30 papers accepted out of 240 submitted)

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BLoc: CSI-based accurate localization for BLE tags

R Ayyalasomayajula, D Vasisht, D Bharadia,
ACM CoNEXT 2018 -- Acceptance rate 17.2% (32 papers accepted out of 185 submitted)

32 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=2387300467601962233

Freerider: Backscatter communication using commodity radios

P Zhang, C Josephson, D Bharadia, S Katti,
ACM CoNEXT 2017 -- Acceptance rate 18.3% (41 papers accepted out of 223 submitted)

73 cites:\&hl=en\&cites=2207608068708370638

Enabling high-quality untethered virtual reality

O Abari, D Bharadia, A Duffield, D Katabi,
NSDI 2017 -- Acceptance rate 18% (46 papers accepted out of 255 submitted)

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Hitchhike: Practical backscatter using commodity wifi

P Zhang, D Bharadia, K Joshi, S Katti
ACM SENSYS 2016 -- (Best paper award nominee)

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Numfabric: Fast and flexible bandwidth allocation in datacenters

K Nagaraj, D Bharadia, H Mao, S Chinchali, M Alizadeh, S Katti,

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Spotfi: Decimeter level localization using wifi

M Kotaru, K Joshi, D Bharadia, S Katti

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Backfi: High throughput wifi backscatter

D Bharadia, KR Joshi, M Kotaru, S Katti,

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Wideo: Fine-grained device-free motion tracing using RF backscatter

K Joshi, D Bharadia, M Kotaru, S Katti,
12th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation

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Fastforward: Fast and constructive full duplex relays

D Bharadia, S Katti,
ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

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Full duplex MIMO radios

D Bharadia, S Katti,
11th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation

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Full duplex radios

D Bharadia, E McMilin, S Katti,
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2013 conference on SIGCOMM

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QualComp: a new lossy compressor for quality scores based on rate distortion theory

I Ochoa, H Asnani, D Bharadia, M Chowdhury, T Weissman, G Yona,
BMC bioinformatics 2013

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Practical, real-time, full duplex wireless

M Jain, JI Choi, T Kim, D Bharadia, S Seth, K Srinivasan, P Levis, S Katti, P Sinha,
Mobicom 2011

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Relay and power allocation schemes for OFDM-based cognitive radio systems

D Bharadia, G Bansal, P Kaligineedi, VK Bhargava,
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

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